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The Noise Ratchet Community

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sooo May. 2nd, 2007 @ 06:03 pm
unfortantantly *sp* I haven't figured out how to delete so instead this will just be closed instead no posting or the ability to join ect.

Mod speak Apr. 17th, 2007 @ 06:13 pm
It has been over two years since this comm has been updated *I just recently came back to LJ* It will be deleted in a week. Just letting everyone know.
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May. 18th, 2005 @ 04:58 pm
anyone going to see the life tomorrow night at ground zero?
if so... does anyone know where ground zero is??? maybe i'm stupid.. but i couldn't find a website for it anywhere.....
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Dec. 13th, 2004 @ 03:02 pm
i woke up today in a
a sick sick world
and i
i opened my eyes and came
to see...

its just...
...its just a..
hurting place

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Dec. 11th, 2004 @ 09:21 pm
Last Noise Ratchet show EVER tomorrow night. everyone who lives in southern california plus others better be there.
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» (No Subject)
i wanna go to the show tonight... but i'm in PITTSBURGH (school) until next friday! urgh...
someone had better post pictures.
» didnt see this coming.
from the noise ratchet email.
im left with nothing but questions.
what about the new record. what about
us who arent readyt to say good bye.
this is the saddest news ever.
EVERYONE is breaking up. it sucks.

NEWS 8/03/04
hello to all of our our longtime friends!
we have a big announcement to make...noise ratchet is no more! this has been a bizarre season for the band and through many many conversations and prayers we have decided to move on. not just move on, but to move forward! it is one of the most bittersweet decisions of our lives, but nonetheless one that we all feel is necessary!

first, let me personally thank every one of you who has cared about, enjoyed, loved, encouraged and supported us through many years of great fun! it has truly been the greatest of fun! but wait! before we all start crying... i want you all to know that the end of noise ratchet is also the beginning of something new! did you really think we would stop playing music?!!! not a chance!

this new music will hopefully make its way out of our souls and into your ears very soon. i can't wait!! what is coming?! even we have no clue, but we will keep you closely posted.

finally, i want you all to know that we are playing three last shows as noise ratchet!!! we will be playing a retrospective set! songs from every era! (that sounds like we have been around for 20 years or something!) yes it is true, even why we cry! spread the word! we can't wait to see you all! they will be three nights to remember indeed!!

on an ending note, my friend richard once said, "it's a bittersweet symphony, this life!" right he is. but the good news is that the bitter is followed closely, and defeated by, the sweet! cheers to new beginnings!

we love you all so much and thank you for your never-ending support!!!

jonathan jameson, joel hosler, brandon young, evan c. white, daniel lothspeich
» I can't believe it's real :(
I'm so sad this is actually true!!!!

from the ground zero website...

Dec 11th, 2004
6:30pm doors / $10.00 pre $12.00 dos
-NOISE RATCHET!!! This will be their last Performance EVER! The band is breaking up and reforming a new group yet to be announced, but this is the last time they will ever perform under the name "Noise Ratchet" and the last time they will ever play their songs. The band has confirmed they will be playing the entire "WHY WE CRY" EP live, as well as many songs from "'TILL WE HAVE FACES" & The self titled EP. This show WILL sell out, so be sure to get presale tickets. Presale will be available online soon, but presale can be purchased at the venue on any show night.

PS-They're actually playing at Chain Reaction the next day, but for us San Diego kids, this is it at home. =/

» hey
i just wanted to say its so refreshing to find people who appreciate the amazing talent that is noise ratchet. not many people in seattle know about them, i'm one of the few so its cool to come across a community devoted to them. i've been a fan for about three years and i'm nauseus with anticipation of their next album (which i was informed last night by Evan that should be dropping at the beginning of next year)

i just saw them perform last night at the Graceland in seattle and they were all so freaking nice i couldn't believe it. it just makes me love them even more.

so yea... that's pretty much it. every one here as fabulous taste.

have a splendid weekend!
» holy crap she's out and about!
In the next few days I maybe doing a faceleft for the community, so if you actully look at the layout there maybe a new sometime soon. And possible new Icons, sorry _bana but I think its time. The only way I wont be doing it is if I'm to busy with school and work... Humm.. I may add some images and links in the Bio, I think its about time I stepped out of the shadows. And last if you have any image suggestions for the base of the header I'm going to make, setup a link of the image.
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